LG Chem Batteries Now Available from SolaX

LG Chem Batteries Now Available from SolaX

SolaX are now able to offer the LG Chem 6.4 RESU battery with its FULL range of Hybrid inverters.

The LG battery is fully compatible with the X-Hybrid inverter and offers plug and play connectivity for easy installation.

The LG Chem 6.4 RESU offers 6.4kWh of storage, with a DOD of 90%, meaning usable energy of 5.8kWh. Battery lifespan exceeds 6000 cycles, translating to up to 15 years of solid performance. As a free standing unit, no cabinet is required, and it therefore offers the most practical solution available for solar battery storage.

For more information about the LG Chem battery, call 0845 689 6009.

Technical Specs:

  • Item: RESU 6.4
  • Energy (kWh): 6.4
  • Voltage (V): 48
  • Capacity (Ah) : 126
  • BMS: Integrated
  • Weight (kg): 60
  • Dimensions (mm): Width 406, Height 664, Depth 165